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You can save 20% on curry every time you use the Spice Card – on dine-in and takeaways (including takeaways!)

The Spice Card is for lovers of spicy food, whether it’s Indian, Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese – and for just £15 a year you can enjoy savings at restaurants and takeaways across South East London – from Greenwich to Blackheath, Lewisham to Charlton, New Cross, Grove Park, Bexleyheath and the Isle of Dogs.

You will enjoy the savings for dine-in and takeaways (including deliveries) at most venues. You can use the Spice Card as many times as you like during the year.

Yes! I want to buy my Spice Card now!

The concept is simple.  First you buy your Spice Card for £15. Then you enjoy a curry at one of our partner restaurants or takeaways. Your bill will include a 20% discount on your food. Repeat for a year…

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To see which restaurant and takeaways offer the Spice Card discount head check out the website.

The chart below shows the annual savings you could enjoy with your the Spice Card

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Outstanding Contribution to Curry: Karri Twist

The inaugural Md Azifur Rahman Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Curry Community in the Greenwich Curry Club Awards 2018, sponsored by the Spice Card, goes to Karri Twist (New Cross). Pictured below: Tazkia Rahman, grandaughter of Md Afizur Rahman, who opened the restaurant in 1957.

Pictured: Tazkia Rahman with customer Roger Hepworth, who has been eating in Karri Twist since the 1960s.

Greenwich Curry Club Awards 2018

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Greenwich Curry Club Awards 2018  sponsored by the Spice Card and supported by the Greenwich Visitor.

Favourite Restaurant: Gurkha’s Inn (Greenwich)
Favourite Dedicated Takeaway: Mogul Home Kitchen (Greenwich)
Outstanding Service: Kesar (Charlton)
Outstanding Value: Pathiri (Greenwich)
Favourite Newcomer: King of Punjab (Isle of Dogs)
Special Award (for Oustanding Vegetarian and Vegan Food): Panas Gurkha (Lewisham)
Md Afizur Rahman Award (for Contribution to the Curry Community): Karri Twist (New Cross)

GV98.CurryAwards.jpgThis article appeared in the December 2018 issue of the Greenwich Visitor newspaper.

How much do people spend on a curry?

In a recent survey we asked: “How much do you expect to spend when you visit an Indian restaurant per person, including drinks?”

More than half of people (58%) said they’d be looking at over £25, while 24% were settling for a nice £21-24 and 16% just £16-£20. Some 2% reckon they can get out for a curry in a restaurant for under £15. Must be a fun night that one!

The Spice Card offers savings on curries, including on takeaways at many venues. You can get your Spice Card here.

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Where do curry fans like to eat?

In a recent survey we asked: “Where do you get your curries?”

Eating out is still the number one when it comes to getting the spice fix it seems, with 72% of people saying they go to a restaurant for their curry. Some 21% of home birds like to order a takeaway for delivery, although no-one said they’d pick up a takeaway themselves. Lazy, lazy, now. A few (just 7%) said they’d cook their own.

The Spice Card is a discount card that offers savings on curries, including on takeaways at many venues. Get your Spice Card here…

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